Thanksgiving Air Travel Starts Off Smoothly in Lansing

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Air travel: quite possibly the most dreaded aspect of an otherwise jovial holiday season. News 10 dropped by the Lansing Airport Monday to check how checking in is going.

"Here in Lansing, it's usually not a problem," says spokesman Bob Kolt. "It takes a couple of minutes."

But we wanted to see for ourselves. We followed passenger Jane Payne from East Lansing as she caught her connection to Chicago. She waited just three minutes to check in, and at four-and-a-half minutes, her ticket was in hand.

Her luggage was screened and loaded by six minutes. Her ID was checked just seconds later, and within just 13 minutes, passenger Payne has passed with flying colors.

"Thirteen minutes is not a bad time," Kolt says. "Sometimes people get through all of the lines on a slow day in five minutes. Usually half hour is the normal amount of time."

But Kolt is quick to point out Payne's checking-in time occurred in the middle of the day, and that early morning flights this Thanksgiving week will far surpass the average 30 minutes. He says travelers should allow themselves around 90 minutes to fly out of Lansing this entire holiday season.

"Reservations show it's going to be a busy holiday travel season. Because of that, we hope people will pack their patience."

Patience may be tested if passengers aren't prepared for the new TSA liquid requirements. Passengers can only carry one clear plastic bag full of 3 oz. or less liquid containers.

"Some of the delays really occur when people aren't prepared to move through security," Kolt says.

Monday it took frequent flyer Kevin Walker of East Lansing just three minutes before he made it to the X-ray machine.

"I have the routine down," says Walker, who flies 150,000 miles a year. "I've yet to adjust to a small airport like this, though, and having things go so quickly."

Remember: No airport is exempt from travel delays, so plan your planes accordingly.