More Black Friday Ads

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Almost any serious shopper will agree; they'll be shopping the day after Thanksgiving. And why wouldn't they? They're looking to nab some of the hottest items, like plasma TVs and PlayStations, at eye-popping prices.

Lake Lansing Meijer's merchandising manager Beckie Price says her troops have been set and ready for Black Friday for weeks.

"Everybody is doing a lot of preparation, a lot of planning. We've already got our overnights scheduled. We're just getting excited about getting the product out, and we've got a lot of product," Price says.

She says each department has specific instructions for Friday's specials, but the ads are still a store secret.

"I don't know if anybody knows the whole big picture," adds Price.

Employees may be in the dark, but some customers aren't-- thanks to Web sites like and Those sites are still going strong, adding more and more scanned advertisements that have been leaked before their release dates.

Meijer had avoided the leaks until just recently, and now their ads are listed on the Web sites, along with stores like Home Depot and K-Mart. At first, this advertising breach seemed worrisome to Price. Now, she sees the silver lining.

"I think it just lets everyone know that we have the best ads, or as good as anybody else."

Shopper Jennifer Kauffman of Lansing hasn't seen the Black Friday Web sites yet. No matter; she's coming anyway.

"We just always come out, my mom and I. Even if there's not something we want, we come out," Kauffman says.

As will all the other Black Friday fans.