Fans Remember Schembechler

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When Bo Schembechler took over the Michigan football program in 1969, few expected him to have such an impact on the community.

Now, nearly 40 years later, fans come across Michigan came to say good-bye to a man who had given them so much.

"He was so special to so many of us," said former quarterback Rick Leach. "You just never think of a guy that means that much to you passing on. A lot of former players thought he was too darn stubborn to pass away."

Some remember his character and how he inspired his players and the city of Ann Arbor.

"If anybody strove fro excellence it was Bo and that was represented at the University of Michigan." said former student Bob Davis. "He was much more than a football coach. He was an individual who inspired all who went to U of M. "

A memorial service for Schembechler will be held on Tuesday at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor.