Doctors Say 'tis to Season to Get Sick

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Local agencies are trying to fight poverty in Mid-Michigan by providing a free health fair for those who can't afford medical coverage. With so many residents fighting illnesses this time of year, hospitals and health providers want everyone to stay healthy.

"One way to stay healthy is by having regular contact with your doctor and looking to prevention and early detection rather than waiting until people are sick," said Dr. Joan Jackson Johnson of Lansing.

But with 25 percent of the Lansing population at or below the poverty level, seeing doctors and purchasing medication can be difficult. And those medications can be expensive, especially with so many ailments going around.

"We're seeing quite a bit of upper respiratory infections. Including strep throat, bronchitis, and laryngitis," said Dr. Glynda Moorer of Olin Health Center.

Physicians say the best way to protect yourself this year is to get a flu shot. They're offered at various locations and clinics throughout town.