Michigan-Ohio State Rivalry Not Just Between States

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It's by far the biggest college football game of the season, but for the Lyons family it's more than just a game.

Dorothy Lyons has been a Buckeye fan for decades after graduating from OSU in 1950. The only problem is her three children all cheer for the maize and blue.

"It only surfaces this time of year and I usually keep a low profile because I'm outnumbered," Dorothy said.

Her son, Roger, has been a Wolverine season ticket holder since the 1960s and always looks forward to the rivalry game, the last contest of the season.

He's making the trip to Columbus with his son, despite the rowdy Buckeye crowd.

"It's such a nerve-racking experience that you can't sit and watch it on TV," Roger said. "You have to be there. You have to feel the excitement. You have to feel the energy."

Roger has a passion for Michigan few possess and even less understand. He has programs dating back to the 1940s, countless player jerseys, and a ticket stub from the game during his mother's senior year.

It doesn't matter to him that the Wolverines have lost the last two match-ups. All that matters is a chance to crush his rival en route to a National Championship berth.

As for Dorothy, she just wants to see a clean fought game.

"This is a football game. I would appreciate sportsmanlike conduct and nobody behave like hoodlums."