New "Drug" Store Opens in Lansing

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The American Drug Club, a Canadian company, opened its doors in Lansing Monday. The store connects patients with low-cost prescriptions from Canada. Owners say the savings range from 30 to 80 percent and they're targeting those who often have difficulty affording prescriptions, the elderly, the un-and under-insured.

Patients who want their prescriptions filled need to bring their prescription to the American Drug Club office, fill out a health history, and the drugs will be mailed to their homes in two to four weeks. The store does not keep any drugs on hand, and is not a licensed pharmacy.

The Michigan Pharmacists Association is raising questions about the new store, asking if this type of operation is legal. Pharmacists also say erasing the personal interaction between patient and pharmacist could create health problems, such as drug interactions, but owner Robert Zeineh says he has consulted lawyers, and just wants patients to be able to afford their prescriptions.