Road Kill Clean-Up Crews Working to Remove Deer

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It's November and that means deer are running wild over highways. Michigan DNR officials say mating and hunting season has them on the move. They're hoping firearm hunting will level off the population.

"We have a lot of deer in southern Michigan and our goal is to reduce that population and recreational hunting is a valuable tool in doing that," said DNR Big Game Specialist Rod Crute.

Crute says there are more than 1.6 million deer in Michigan with more than half in the southern portion of the state. He expects firearm season to harvest more than 400,000 of them.

"We're offering a lot of antler less licenses to hunters to do just that," he added.

But that hasn't stopped the Michigan Department of Transportation from removing as many as possible.

"It's about getting the deer taken care of at a reasonable pace before you get to the bad stage of the deer," said M-DOT maintenance worker Doug Allen.

Allen says his crews clean up as many as 20 deer per day during November.

"Deer hunting season is an ongoing thing. Everyday we'll wind up with people going out," he said.

DNR officials say deer are most active during dawn and dusk and advise drivers to use caution when commuting home from work.