Veterans' Day Events Continue Even After Holiday

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The sounds of hymns may not be the typical sounds of a Veterans' Day tribute; but at the first annual Veterans Appreciation Mass at the Church of the Resurrection in Lansing, singing prayers was just like playing taps.

Tom Fox, the Grand Knight at the local Knights of Columbus, organized the event. He invited any and every veteran to participate. And even though Veterans' Day had passed, the soldiers jumped at the chance.

"It's multi-denominational, it's not just for Catholics," Fox says of the Mass. "Being a veteran myself, I thought it would really hit on the heart strings of people and their involvement."

"Being a veteran is a very proud part of my life," says Gary Brown, a VFW member. He thinks the "day after Veterans' Day" tribute is a poignant reminder.

"If it wasn't for our veterans today, we wouldn't be speaking the language we speak, we wouldn't have the rights for what we're doing today. We owe our whole way of life to our veterans," Brown says.

This event was just one of many in the area honoring veterans this weekend. But it may have been the only one with the Commander-in-Chief on the guest list.

"I sent an invitation to George Bush," Fox says. The President had scheduling conflicts and was unable to make it, but his staff called Fox to say Bush had personally read the invitation.

President or no president, the events message was clear:

"Every day we should remind ourselves to thank a veteran," says Brown.

Whether it's Veterans' Day, the day after Veterans' Day... or any other day.