PlayStation 3 Ready to Debut

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PS3 is just days away and local video games stores may not have them available for purchase. Most stores will only carry a dozen or so and those consoles have already been sold.

"When we open our doors, it's only for presales," said James Kretschman, manager of Game Stop in South Lansing.

The system will cost $500 for a 20 gigabyte model and $600 for a 60 gig. It's a price that some parents say is too high.

"I don't think technology is that valuable, at least that kind of technology," said Connie Hooper of Lansing. "That would be something we would have to investigate but at this point I would never be willing to spend that much money."

About 400,000 consoles will be available in North America, with some already up on eBay for well over $1000.

Kretschman says each system that comes in after Friday will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. But he can't even guarantee more will come in before the holiday season.