Drug Recall

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You may want to check you medicine cabinet. Eleven million bottles of the widely used pain reliever acetaminophen are being recalled.

The recall involves drugs made by the western Michigan pharmaceutical company, Perrigo Co, sold under store brands by Wal-Mart, CVS, Meijer, and more than 120 other major retailers. Most chains have already pulled the contaminated pills from shelves.

Perrigo says the bottles may be contaminated with pieces of metal. The F.D.A. says it is a voluntary recall on the part of Perrigo, and there have been no injuries reported. The F.D.A. would not describe the metal, but said it was found during quality control checks by Perrigo Co.

Acetaminophen is the off-brand name of Tylenol. However, Tylenol is not involved in the recall. For more information on how to identify whether medicine you have is involved in the recall go to www.fda.gov.