Governor Jennifer Granholm Declares Victory

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Three hours after News Ten projected her the winner, Governor Jennifer Granholm took the state at Detroit's Renaissance Center and declared victory.

"It is the future of Michigan we celebrate tonight," Michigan's first female Governor shouted to the crowd just before 11:15 p.m. Tuesday.

She declared her first order of business too, making sure the House passes the New Merit Award Scholarship she's been backing. "It only has to go through one chamber. One vote, that's all it needs," she told a crowd of reporters before being whisked away backstage following her victory speech.

Granholm did speak with Republican challenger Dick DeVos before addressing the crowd. She said his congratulations were very sincere, he was very gracious and they had a nice conversation. "I wish him well," she said.

Granholm will meet with voters and the media Wednesday morning in Detroit at an International House of Pancakes restaurant.