Superintendent Asked to Leave

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By a vote of 4-3, the East Lansing School Board voted for Dr. Tom Giblin to leave his position as superintendent when his contract expires on Sept. 9, 2004.

The school board met on Monday as usual at 7:30pm and after a short recess around 9 p.m., George Brookover, the newest school board member made a motion for Dr. Giblin to leave office when his contract expires next year.

School board members Dr. Giblin's contract states he must give a year's notice if he's going to leave his position, but Monday night's vote gives his year's notice for him.

The three school board members who voted against the vote say they're completely surprised by the events.

They did not want to say the reasons Brookover gave when he made the motion, but in past meetings, parents and parent groups have raised concerns over the delayed start of the school year, budget woes, and questionable spending.

School board President Barb McMillan says she expects Dr. Giblin back to work on Tuesday, Sept. 9th, although he left the meeting immediately after the vote making no comment.

Giblin has served as superintendent since July, 1998. Prior to that, he was in the same position for 10 years in Connecticut.