Booze Weight

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Mixers and brews may be what's making tailgaters and other alcohol consumers battle the bulge.

In a study of 2,300 people, those who drank at least 3-4 drinks per sitting had the highest measures of abdominal fat, which is a known risk factor for coronary heart disease.

"If you eat while you drink, you'll most likely store the calories from the food because of the alcohol," Kathryn Schultz, Registered Dietitian.

The study also found that what type of booze you guzzle contributes t o where you store fat. Liquor drinkers had the highest belly fat measurements, while wine drinkers had the lowest. Surprisingly, beer wasn't clearly linked to those with high abdominal fat but beer lovers should beware.

"I can tell you will gain weight if all you do is drink beer. It has a tendency to lower your blood sugar levels which will make you want to eat," said Kathryn.

So even if moderation isn't practiced this weekend, now you've been warned, and can at least indulge in exercise or something more active once you've sobered up.