Proposal 2

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A new TV ad now running supports the passage of Proposal 2, which Jennifer Gratz of 'Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, says will end state state sponsored discrimination in three areas... contracts, education and employment.

David Waymire, PR representative for 'One United Michigan,' which opposes Prop 2 says, it will eliminate affirmative action programs that have helped both women and minorities in our state.

If passed, race no longer will be considered on college applicants. But, Waymire fears educational opportunities for women will also be in danger.

Waymire, "Outreach programs that get women interested in maths and sciences for jobs and going to universities."

Gratz disagrees, saying, "Those programs, focused on girls... still allow boys to go if they want. That's all this proposal wants to do."

Ultimately, it will be the voters who decide if the proposal would make everyone equal... or be too dangerous a precedent to set.