This Year's 'Devil's Night' Patrols Could Be the Last

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"A lot of mischief goes on," Bill Cote explains. "Especially on Devil's Night."

That's why folks like Cote are out this night before Halloween.

Jan Bradfield is out too. Both are members of Lansing REACT. It's the local chapter of an international group, largely made up of radio operators pitching in with community service efforts.

And for years, Lansing REACT has been helping police patrol the streets in Lansing Township on Devil's Night.

"We're only one person for the whole township," Officer Lucas Willcutt told News 10. "So any other set of eyes out there is always welcome."

Bradfield's eyes have seen plenty in his years of patrolling.

"A couple of gangs got together," he recalled. "They were getting ready to whip on each other. One of our members came along. We reported it. Police show up. They just backed off and separated. No more trouble with them that night."

And that's pretty much how Cote sees his group's role.

"We're not Barney Fifes. We don't have badges. We can't arrest people," he said with a laugh.

Still, Cote and the rest of REACT have been making their community just a bit safer for 20 years -- Bradfield for about 15.

"It's more than 15 years now that I think of it. And I have thoroughly enjoyed it. And I will be missing this," he said.

Missing the patrols because it's the last year for Bradfield, Cote -- everyone at Lansing REACT.

"We have to fold it in, because we have too few members to keep doing the things," Cote explained. "Everyone's so busy and got too many other things to do."

The past few years of patrols have been pretty quiet. Cote hopes with his group gone next year, that quiet will continue.

"We don't know. Maybe the township will look at that, come up with some other groups or something to help. We've done it 20 years. That's a good run."