Life Behind Bars

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They murdered their adopted son, but life behind bars is no different for Tim and Lisa Holland when compared to other maximum security inmates at the Ingham County Jail.

They spend their days and nights in separate 150 square foot, single person cells. They're allowed out for one hour, aren't allowed to watch television or read the newspaper. They're checked on at least 24 times a day.

Both have been evaluated twice by a Community Mental Health employee and neither is on suicide watch says Ingham County Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth. Wriggelsworth says they've both been well behaved in the nine months they've been in jail.

The Williamston couple will remain in the Ingham County Jail until they are sentenced to prison in November. Lisa will be sent first and most likely will stay at Robert Scott Correctional Facility in Plymouth. Tim first will be sent to the Egeler Reception and guidance center in Jackson.