Parties Making the Final Push for Votes

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In close elections voter turnout could determine who wins and who loses. Both parties are entering the home stretch and are doing just about everything to ensure their registered voters get out to cast a ballot.

"We're spending our time delivering literature, knocking on people's doors, reminding people that election day is literally 10 days away," said Saul Anuzis, chairman of the Michigan Republican party.

Anuzis says Michigan is a swing state and trypically has close elections. He says they must out-work the Democrats to win on Novermber 7th.

"If Republicans do their job and we get our voters out, we have a good chance of winning. If the democrats do a better job than we do, they have a better chance of winning," he said.

And that's why Democrats were busy taking the same aggressive action. The gubernatorial and U.S. Senate races have never been closer.

"Unfortunately not everyone makes it out to the polls for the election so we just want to identify as many supporters as possible and remind them to vote," Penelope Tsernoglou, a party volunteer said.

The parties have even mailed out absentee ballots hoping to gain support.