Holland Most Likely to Scott Correctional Facility

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Lisa Holland will most likely spend the remainder of her natural life at the Robert Scott Correctional Facility in Plymouth. Scott is the only women's maximum security prison in the state.

A spokesman for the Michigan Department of Corrections says Lisa Holland will not be given any special attention.

"If we become aware that she may be at risk among the other prisoners we would have the opporunity to put her in an isolation cell," said Russ Marlan, spokesman for the MDOC. "We do have protective custody that we can offer to prisoners, but at this point I don't see it as something we would do."

Holland will be permitted to bring a few items to prison with her. The list includes a wedding ring, non-printed religious materials, medical items, legal properties, and personal photographs.

Holland is expected to arrive at the facility shortly after her sentencing on November 28th. For the first month she will undego a series of evaluations.

"The first four or five weeks will be assessment work," Marlan said. "She'll be reviewed by our healthcare to see if there are any needs there, any programming needs, any educational needs."

Holland's conviction carries a mandatory life sentence.