Investigators Relieved to Have Closure on Holland Case

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"It's just so tragic," D/Lt. Roy Holliday says, "Everybody failed Ricky. We just could not."

It was a case, for investigators, that is unlike any they've ever known.They worked 16, 17, 18 hours days for 16 months, linked to a little boy they never knew, to a couple they suspected in his death.

"How do you crack them? How do you get them to tell you what happened?," Holliday says he asked himself everyday.

He describes cancelled vacations and sleepless nights.

"You try not to get emotionally connected, but in this case you just couldn't help but do it."

He evenI started carrying Ricky's picture in his planner. It was "inspiration" he says, " basically to keep moving toward, to make it through those 16, 17 hour days, month after month."

The task force that handled this case met bi-weekly, and accumulated more than 300 pieces of admissible evidence, not to mention all they did that never made it to court.

Yes, Holliday says, they feel justice is done.

"We are overjoyed. We definately feel satisfied. This is everything we hoped it'd be when it was over with."

They believe not only did they not fail Ricky, but they may have done some good for children on his behalf.

"We had to find the truth so the truth could be known--so this doesn't happen again," Holliday says.