Holland Jurors Speak Out

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"The truth needs to be told. It was an accident. I didn't mean to," Crystal Pierce said on October 2nd, reading from a note she claimed Lisa Holland gave her.

That note was, in one juror's opinion, "the most compelling piece of evidence" in the case against Holland.

"That kind of made that decision for us," Juror No. 5 said.

What didn't turn their decision, jurors say, was the testimony of Tim Holland: the man who pleaded guilty to second degree murder and testified against his wife in the death of his adopted son.

"I opened the door, he's liyng the wrong way in his bed," Holland testified on October 11th.

Jurors say he just wasn't credible.

"Not very, at all," the juror said.

And not given much weight in the 13 hour deliberations, jurors say. Deliberations that took some time because there was a lot of evidence to examine.

"We wanted to make sure we had looked at it very thoroughly," Juror No. 1 told reporters.

That evidence impacted jurors lives greatly. Many described coming home to friends, spouses, children and couldn't talk about what they'd seen or heard: troubling, grim details about the death of Ricky Holland.

"It's very tough. It's a small boy," Juror No. 16 said. "He's not here any more. I don't know what else to say."

It is a death some jurors say has shed light on lapses in Michigan's child protection system.

"I hope this trial will change things," Juror No. 1 said.