Neighbors React to Holland Verdict

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Neighbors were deceived after Ricky Holland was killed. Hundreds of them helped police search for the 7-year-old boy for days, after Tim and Lisa Holland told police the boy ran away from home.

Now, neighbors know it was all a lie, and they are angry.

The home where the Holland family lived for a short time before Ricky Holland was killed is now locked up and abandoned. However, the memory of Ricky is not. Neighbors say he is on their minds everyday.

Neighbors like Mike Barden say they are haunted by the thought someone could have done something to save Ricky. "It upsets me because we didn't even know anyone lived there, much less there were problems. Any of us neighbors could have helped," he says.

Meanwhile he and other neighbors say they're glad the jury found Lisa Holland guilty, but that it’s not enough. Again and again, the comment is they'd like the same thing she did to Ricky, to be done to her.