Other Holland Children Await Fate

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Both Tim and Lisa Holland's guilty verdicts will soon affect the lives of their four remaining children. The family division of the 30th Circuit Court will decide where the one biological child and three adopted kids will live.

Judge R. George Economy says this decision is vital.

"The court has to make sure there are no mistakes," the judge says. "Wherever we place the kids must be a stable place, a very safe place. The kids cannot sustain another trauma."

The four children have been living with two of Tim Holland's sisters since the time of Tim and Lisa's arrests. Tim Holland's attorney Sam Reedy assures the children are safe.

"The children are flourishing," Reedy says.

Judge Economy says family is a top priority when considering placement. But the circumstances in this case are curious, with both sides of the family implicated and Lisa's father not off the hook yet.

"It'll be a difficult test for any relative because obviously everybody's antennas are up. Is this a safe family? Is this going to bed a suitable placement?" Economy says.

Reedy says that investigation has already happened.

"My client's family has established a stable place."

Judge Janelle Lawless will preside over the case that will decide the Holland children's fate. Judge Economy hopes the situation will be carefully considered.

"If it were my case, I know what I would want. I'd want a psychological done on the kids. I'd want a psychological done on the placement, and I'd require a full history check of the placement."

The Holland children placement hearing has been adjourned until further notice. The kids remain with what family they have left.