Candidates Make Pitch for Undecided Voters

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With seven percent of voters still undecided the two gubernatorial candidates will focus on swaying those voters in their favor.

The governor plans to talk about the issues, something her campaign spokeman says will make a difference.

"Dick DeVos has been very wishy-washy on the issues at best," said Chris DeWitt, the governor's campaign spokesman. "Governor Granholm has some very clear views so we're making those points."

DeVos says he plans to do more of the same. He'll tour throughout Michigan and talk to people one-on-one.

"Just looking people in the eye and asking, 'are you better off now than you were four years ago?' he said. "If the answer's 'no', then it's time for a change."

DeVos said he feels confident about his chances. He added his goal, with less than two weeks remaining, is to answer as many questions from undecided voters as possible.

"For the folks who are undecided, I want to be able to answer every question so they can make a decision," he said. "I think when they get to know me, they're going to be very satisfied that I'm ready for the job."

DeWitt said the governor will take a similar approach. She'll be in every region of the state this weekend alone.

"We're spending a lot of money knocking on doors, making phone calls, doing mailings, things along those line to try to get their attention and try to get the to vote for Governor Granholm."