Race Tightens in Race for Michigan Governor

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The latest exclusive News 10 survey shows Gov. Jennifer Granholm with a five point lead over GOP challenger Dick DeVos with the race at 48 percent to 43 percent with just over a week and a half to go.

In the survey before, the Granholm lead was nine points.

"The DeVos ads featuring the woman is starting to move the numbers," News 10 pollster Ed Sarpolus reports. But he has also identified a problem for the challenger. He is not doing very well on the "trust" scale, and the governor is.

Sarpolus reports DeVos has cut into the governor's lead with female voters while she maintains a slight two point edge with male voters. Sarpolus says there is still time for DeVos to win, but he will have to do so by getting a good turnout at the polls or give voters a reason to vote against Granholm. He says, "There is not enough time left for him to win on the trust factor."