A-"Mazing" Corn

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A farmer's income is often dictated by the weather, which determines how the crop turns out. But one Williamston farmer is using his corn to make some money, before it's even harvested.

Mark Benjamin has turned 15 acres of corn into a three mile maze, and the public is coming from all over. This is the third year he's designed and constructed the maze. But each year, the theme changes. This year's theme is dinosaurs. Three different dinosaurs are craved out of the corn. He says it takes nearly 300 hours of work to make the maze. Benjamin says it's a good way to make a little extra money, and while it isn't going to make him rich, it is fun.

And visitors agree. More than a thousand people have trekked the maze so far. Admission is six dollars, and the maze will be open until Nov. 8. In October, Benjamin turns his labyrinth into a haunted maze.

For more information and directions, visit www.bestmaze.com