Juror Speaks Out

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"My thoughts are guilty," a Haslett man who identified himself only as Gene told a crowd of reporters outside the Lansing courthouse.

Though his opinion does not affect the outcome of the case, the extra juror--who's been released--says after nearly 7 weeks in court, he thinks Lisa Holland should be held responsible for Ricky's death.

"After hearing all the testimony, that's the way I want," Gene said..

He tells reporters he can't pinpoint a key moment, or a key piece of evidence in court that swayed him. He says he even took the testimony of the star witness, Tim Holland, with a grain of salt. "There are some lies involved, so you take parts, and the rest you discard."

He describes Lisa as nervous and "in some ways, kind of cold."

Some of the testimony he calls disturbing for him as a father of two. "How I felt about the treatment? Pretty bad. Especially when you have your own kids."

Gene, and another juror who declined an interview, are the first to be sent home of the 15 who sat through this lengthy trial. He admits it's a little disappointing not to have a say in the verdict but he's relieved to have normalcy ahead of him.