Inside the Jury

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Ron Brentz is a professor of law at Cooley Law School in Lansing. He's argued and won before the US Supreme Court.

He says, while no one knows exactly what goes on in each individual jury room... a few things are universal.

First, they have to select a foreperson. Someone who will make sure they don't jump to a decision and take their time with all the evidence.

He also says that in order to convict on First Degree Murder for Lisa Holland... by law they must also convict on First Degree Child Abuse. For that, they must believe Lisa intended to harm Ricky.

Brentz feels Second Degree Murder may be in order. That's what Tim got in his plea deal... and if the jury feels they were both in on the murder, are both guilty.. they may convict on the same charge.

He doesn't believe a quick verdict would be bad for the defense. He says a jury is more likely to be doing it's job if it takes its time.