Lear Closure Trickling Down

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The Horse Trough Variety Store had already seen business slow to a trickle, but now, co-owner Kim Coon says, surviving will be impossible.

"The Lear people come in here, buying balloons or cards," Coon says, " from each other. "That'll drop right off...We might as well...cut our losses."

Coon says it's true for her collegues up and down the streets of Elsie. Hardship is everywhere.

At Marauder Video, they are cutting back hours and considering cutting back on employees to avoid raising prices.

The village president Jim Ade notes the loss of tax revenue--perhaps $35,000 to $45,000--is bad for government business too and they do not yet a solution.

"Hopefully we can get another business is there," he says.

"I heard a lot of people talk about Elsie's just gonna fade out," Coon says. "I guess time will tell."