Restoring Health in Iraq

Jim Haveman is the former state Community Health director who was taped by the Pentagon to restore the health care system in Iraq.

Home to attend his 94-year-old mother's funeral Haveman tells news ten his own life is at risk while he is supervising 26,000 doctors, 100,000 employees and 240 doctors.

Haveman travels with armed guards including eight sharp shooters whenever he moves around the country.

Haveman works on the same floor with MSU president Peter McPherson in a palace in Baghdad. He says the two of them talk about MSU sports but don't get much down time.

Haveman says he is eager to return to his overseas assignment and says he is doing because he was brought up to help those who needed help.

"There is nowhere else I would rather be than in the Middle East helping to bring freedom to people whom have never known it," shares Haveman.