Parents Speak Out on School Abortion Protests

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"It is disruptive and it is of no value."

That's how Larry Newman and some others in Howell see planned silent abortion protests.

Students would wear armbands or duct tape over their mouths to protest the practice. Some students were planning on doing it in Howell. School board Trustee Wendy Day mentioned the protests on a blog, saying "I hope these kids are supported," according to the Livingston Daily Press & Argus.

That ignited controversy in Howell. And it was the hot topic at school board meeting Monday night.

Joan Johnson agrees that they wouldn't be appropriate in elementary schools, but, she says, "the students in the high school are old enough to express their opinions and stand for things."

Standing for things on issue appears to be just the beginning of this debate. Some see it as a wider battle over injecting ideology into the schools. Mike Witt is trying to recall Wendy Day.

"I think she's promoting a personal agenda," he told News 10.

Day's supporters are aware of the wider battle going on as well. Patrick Flynn defends Day's actions.

"She ran as a conservative. And she got elected to the board. And now there's diversity on the board," Flynn said.

Diversity, perhaps, but certainly controversy. All started by what Day says was just posting of her personal opinion on a blog.

"I put it on there (to) let the community debate about this particular issue," she said.

Still, some parents say it's a debate that's not appropriate for the classroom.

"If this shall take place tomorrow morning, my child will not attend school tomorrow," Wendy Wilson said at the meeting.

For now, it seems there won't be protests at the elementary school in question, but some high schoolers could move forward as planned.