No Grade School Abortion Protests at Howell

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Wendy Day is taking a lot of heat in Howell. The district school board member recently posted an anti-abortion message on her private web blog which has enraged some parents in the community.

Day posted information about a Day of Silence, a national day that encourages those against abortion to show their support for the cause by wearing arm bands. Two Hutchings Elementary students wanted to participate at school.

Some parents say Day acted unethically as a board member, but she disagrees.

"When we are elected to a position, we do not give up our first amendment right," Day said. "I think I have a responsibility as a leader but this is my personal blog, not endorsed by the school board."

Parents of the two students who wanted to participated contacted school officials and said their children will not be wearing arm bands. They said the reason is they didn't want to force parents to address the issue of abortion with young students.

District administrators said they'll be prepared just in case some students follow through with the event.

"We expect it to be a normal day," Deputy Superintendent Lynn Parrish said. " We won't infringe on first amendment rights. If students choose to protest, we will quietly escort them out of class."