New Admissions Policy at U of M

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More essays and more academic questions, that's what's on the new University of Michigan application for admission.

The school unveiled the new policy Thursday afternoon. It's a system that promises to gather more information about a student's intellect and character when determining whether a student should be admitted.

The application includes essay questions about social issues and a student's ethical dilemmas, struggles and failures rather than general essay questions about what a student hopes to accomplish while he or she is in college. Those types of questions appeared on U of M's old application.

Another change this year: a student's application will be reviewed by about three people before a decision is made whether or not to admit a student into the school. First, a "reader" will review a student's application and make an assessment before the application even makes it to a professional admission counselor's desk.

The new admission policy replaces the university's race-based system, which granted additional admission points to minority applicants. The Supreme Court struck down that policy in June.