Neighbors Shocked Over Apparent Murder

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"We're a little tense," is how neighbor Luis Mayolo describes the situation.

He lives next door to Donald and Catherine Holmes, who have lived in his quiet Haslett neighborhood for more than 25 years.

Mayolo never saw this tragedy coming. "I was just shocked," he says.

News that Catherine was possibly murdered rocked the neighborhood Friday as police investigated. And by Sunday, police have put Donald as the prime suspect, shocking neighbors who paint him as a helpful and kind workaholic, doing others' yardwork and shoveling snow.

"He was pretty friendly," recalls Mayolo. "He seemed just like a shy guy, never really that outgoing, but he was always willing to come forward and say hello, see how things were going."

Neighbors say the Holmeses have four grown children and grandchildren who visit often. Mayolo says Catherine mainly kept to herself but always waved when walking by.

Most long-time neighbors are declining to comment, saying their shock and horror is too much to articulate.

"It's a feeling of unease, just because it happened so close. You never think it's going to happen right next to you," Mayolo says.

The Holmes' modest house remains quiet now. No one has been around since Friday. But neighbors say "quiet" is the best way to have described the family even before the murder.

"They were friendly, but they kept to themselves," says Mayolo.

Many of the home's windows are broken, shattered by police Friday as they investigated. They're the only visible signs of a household now broken by a possible murder.

If you have any information about where Donald Holmes may be, please contact Meridian Township police immediately at (517) 853-4800.