Holiday Safety

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Capt. John Dyer of the Lansing fire Department has noticed a rise in distress calls about ladder safety. As a result he suggests caution when hanging holiday lights.

Capt. Dyer recommends residents select the appropriate ladder for the job, an extension ladder for higher decorations and stepladder for lower jobs.

When using an extension, he recommends having a second person support the ladder by jamming their feet at the ladder’s base.

If the surface the base is on is slick or iced over this will prevent the ladder sliding down.

For stepladders he also recommends having someone support the base.

With all jobs, Capt. Dyer says do not overextend to the sides of the ladder. This will shift the balance of the ladder and leads to accidents.

Use a 70-degree climbing angle. That angle is achieved when your arms can be fully extended from your body at a near right angle.

Capt. Dyer also recommends having a portable or cellular phone with you, if it’s necessary to decorate your home by yourself.