Heart Attacks

On a day many families get together comes news of a major medical development that could have a life saving impact on families with a strong risk of heart disease. researchers at the Cleveland Clinic have uncovered a gene mutation they say not only increases the risk for heart disease, but it guaratees a heart attack is on the way.

The gene mutation was uncovered in a family with a strong history of heart disease. Scientists have dubbed it MEF2A and say it causes changes in arteries that open the door to heart trouble.

Large studies are needed to confirm how common the heart attack mutation may be, but scientists believe it's rare a finding that could have a dramatic impact.

While having the gene mutation raises the heart attack risk to 100%, researchers say they can't rule out the impact of risk factors. The heart gene patients in their study also had other risk factors too, like high blood pressure and obesity.

While the heart attack gene mutation may not be common the researchers believe there are weaker mutations in the same gene family that could also increase the risk for heart disease.