Detroit Transforms Into Tiger-Town

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Twenty-four hours until game day and Detroit is electric.

David Watkowski flew into Detroit from Los Angeles Thursday night just to feel that Tiger fever.

"I don't even have tickets," he says. "I don't know if I'll even get to go to the game."

At Comerica Park, Fans were snapping shots and snatching up souvenirs. The Tigers Pro Shop was bustling with fans trying to get their hands on World Series memorabilia.

"We had a line out the door at 9:00 this morning," says Pro Shop manager Patty Fritz-Saenz. But those eager fans may have been disappointed when they got through the doors.

"We've been sold out of everything. Hoodies, blankies, jackets, baseballs, you name it, we're sold out of it," Fritz-Saenz says.

"Sold Out" seems to be the buzzword around Comerica Park. But some Tigers fans are willing to pay the big bucks to get through the stadium gates.

Madison Heights' Mike Jedro was willing to pay $200-$250 for a ticket to Game One. But that's nothing compared to what some people are asking for.

"One guy on wanted $11,000 for two tickets," Watkowski says. "I saw $2,600 was the lowest price for two tickets on"

But getting to experience the hype around the game may be consolation enough for those without tickets.

"Even if I'm just in the area, I can hear the game and see everyone smiling, that's enough for me," says Watkowski.

He's showing the true spirit of Detroit.