Rash of Car Break-Ins in Delta Township Has Police Stepping Up Patrols

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The damage thieves did to Tim Roettger's car costs more than the radio they were trying to steal.

Roettger says the criminals shattered the driver's side window on his car and destroyed the dashboard and radio by ripping out wires.

The wreckage could have been worse if a couple of Sheriff's deputies hadn't caught three teenage culprits in the act.

A brand new walking patrol through a few apartment complex parking lots near Lansing Mall proved successful for the deputies. They say car criminals have been increasingly targeting parking lots.

Eaton County car larcenies have nearly doubled since June. Already this month, the county has seen 56 car larcenies compared to 24 in June. That's why police say they have been increasing foot and bike patrols in the area.