Wrinkle Eraser

In the fight against wrinkles and aging, Americans will spend nearly 8 billion dollars on nips, tucks, peels ans plumps of one sort or another this year. Now there is a new wrinkle eraser stealing the spotlight.

Botox treatments continue to rank among the most popular procedures among those who aren't quite ready for the knife. But the new procedure takes a radio frequency wand that can tighten skin, the high tech tool is now in the hands of a handful of plastic surgeons...

It's the latest weapon in the fight against father time and it may be the closest thing yet to the non surgical face lift the thermage procedure. Thermage works by using zaps of radio frequency to heat the collagen beneath the skin, causing it to shrink. Your body then responds by healing the collagen by laying down new collagen that's fresher and more resilient.

With no incisions or stitches and a local anesthetic and some swelling there is no pain to the procedure. The skin-tightening effects can take 3-6 months to appear and and the effects are not dramatic.

The thermage effect can hold up to several months to years. While the procedure isn't as pricey as a face lift it isn't cheap a full thermage face job can cost a few thousand dollars. Along with the swelling, side effects may include slight redness of the skin in rare cases a burn may occur. to learn more about thermage log onto www.thermage.com.