East Lansing Police on Patrol

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Classes start Monday at Michigan State University, and East Lansing police say that means a lot of parties and increased arrests this weekend. Police say they made 35 arrests Friday night, which they call a dramatic increase from last weekend when most students were still at home.

Police are increasing foot, bicycle and car patrols from dawn until dusk in East Lansing. They say minors in possession, drunk driving and drunk and disorderly conduct are their most often made arrests. Police didn't identify a certain area of town as the most likely to have disruptive parties, but say they get calls from all over town. Noise complaints from neighbors are also an often made complaint.

Many Michigan State University students say they understand police patrols. They also say police are understanding if students behave. Some complained that underage drinking is a big problem the shuts down a lot of parties.

MSU police say they don't have the same drinking problems on campus. They made eight drinking related arrests Friday night, including three MIPs, and two drunk driving. They say car and pedestrian accidents increase when students return, because of increased traffic.