Jackson County Lots on Ebay

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Maybe you have a business in mind that might do well on Ganson Street in the City of Jackson?

Or a dream to build a house? There's on lot on Homewild that's available.

In fact, there's 33 of them posted on Jackson County's tax sale website, soon to be posted on Ebay as well.

"You could be a landowners for $100," says Jackson County's treasurer Janet Rochefort. She made the decision after sales were slow at the live auction in Jackson earlier this fall.

She's put what's left of the properties the county foreclosed on in 2006 in with properties from all over the state. They'll be auctioned off live in Houghton Lake on Friday, October 20 at noon. And you can join in the auction, live, or in advance, from your home computer.

"You can be home--in your PJs, watching this," Rochefort jokes.

She notes the county does their best to keep the lots and homes for auction in good shape, but be warned--some of them are, if you will, fixer-uppers.

"I always say--buyer beware. You really should look at the property prior to bidding on it."

As for what's best for the county, Rochefort's hopeful its an online auction. More buyers bring higher bids, she's told.

If it works next week, you might just see Jackson property on Ebay this same time next year.

For more on the properties, visit www.jacksoncountytaxsale.com. There is no minimum bid to participate.