Campaign Ads Expected to Increase

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Gubernatorial ad campaigns have been running for months now but experts say you can only expect them to increase over the next four weeks.

Special interest and political action groups tend to advertise in the last month prior to an election and that means mud-slinging.

"Negative ads work," said Bill Rustem, President of Public Sector Consultants. "Every campaign, every committee, every independent group understands that they work and that's why you see so many."

Political action groups tend to raise money from outisde individuals and corporations. That money is saved until October and the more negative the better. But are these groups trying to buy your vote?

"I wouldn't say they try to buy votes, but they certainly try to be the last point of influence before you head into the voting booths," Rustem said. "They want to say something negative about this person or that person and want it to be at the front of your mind when you enter the voting booth."

Rustem cautions voters to not let the commercials influence their decision. He said the best way to choose the best candidate is to research their websites, ideas, and policies.