Snow Has Plow Crews and Drivers Gearing Up

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The snow came heavily at times Thursday, heavily enough to catch the attention of the Ingham County Road Commission.

"We've seen it around Halloween or a couple weeks later usually. This is pretty early," Operations Director Joe Pulver said.

So his crews are getting ready early, switching out gravel conveyors on the back of trucks for salt spreaders.

"It takes us about 10 minutes to change," Pulver said.

Even without salt on the roads, much of the snow melted Thursday when it hit the ground. Still, those traveling on mid-Michigan bridges should be cautious.

"Bridge decks are typically the first thing that freeze over," Pulver said. "More than likely, we'll be putting a light treatment on the bridge decks."

Some who'll be driving over those bridge decks are getting prepared too.

"The first snowfall every year we get a few people sliding in and out of the roads and into ditches. We see a lot of concern for tires," Steve Richardson of Belle Tire said.

That means old-school drivers coming in for new snow tires and others just now noticing it's time for new all-season tires. Those tires could come in handy if the snow continues.

Back at the road commission, workers will be watching to see if that happens.

"When the temperature goes down tonight, the wet pavement, is it going to turn slick? What's it going to do?" Pulver asked.