Tim Holland Returns to the Stand

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Tim Holland's credibility is questioned again as he returns to the stand in his wife Lisa's murder trial. Lisa Holland is accused of abusing and murdering their adopted son Ricky. Tim has already pleaded guilty to lesser charges in his death.

Thursday, Lisa's co-counsel Andrew Abood picked apart Tim's statements to police. The day he led investigators to Ricky's remains he told them he saw Lisa hit Ricky in the head with a hammer. Now he says he didn't see that, but around Christmas Lisa confessed.

Tim also admits, until recently, he never mentioned Ricky's comatose state or that he may not have eaten anything in the week leading up to his death. No cause of death has been determined and Abood implied experts planning to testify next week may suggest the little boy died of dehydration.

Jurors also heard an interview Tim did with a Detroit radio station shortly after Ricky was reported missing. Tim knew his son was dead, but still pretended the little boy was missing.

Lisa Holland's murder trial is on hold until next Tuesday. Tim will return to the stand for the remainder of his cross examination.