Granholm and DeVos Spar

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Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm and Republican challenger Dick DeVos appeared together Thursday at a meeting of the Detroit Economic Club where they described their plans for invigorating Michigan's troubled economy.

DeVos blamed Granholm for the state's financial difficulties and vowed to make immediate improvements if he is elected, promising to do more in his first 45 days in office than the governor has accomplished in 45 months.

"You like the governor but you just don't know whether you want to trust her to run state government for another four years," the Ada businessman asked the audience of business professionals and elected officials.

DeVos went over 10 actions he would take if elected, including calling a special legislative session to find replacements for the Single Business Tax and the personal property tax. He also said he would direct his lieutenant governor to undertake a review of every state program and department and sit down with Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

"Detroit's success is critical to Michigan's success," DeVos said.

The candidates appeared on the stage together, but Thursday's event was not a debate. Each candidate spoke separately, with Granholm going first. The appearance came only days after their second debate of the campaign in Grand Rapids.

Granholm said she has concrete plans to move Michigan forward.

"I want to make Michigan a highly skilled opportunity state," the governor said. "My opponent wants to make Michigan the lowest cost state" to do business.

Granholm said for Michigan to succeed, it has to focus on making its people its greatest value, retraining laid off workers for unfilled jobs.

Granholm also touted some of her accomplishments while in office, including a mandatory curriculum for schools, accelerated transportation and building projects and using the tobacco settlement to help diversify the state economy.