Three Ways to Better Manage Your Child's Busy Schedule

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Experts in the field of Child and Family Ecology have plenty of advice for families to help keep their busy lives under control. But, it's boiled down to three keys to staying above water.

1. Make the child part of all decisions on activities--let them have a voice.

2. Look for signs that a schedule of activities is too much for them to handle, because when teens get overwhelmed the results can be disastrous. FYI, look for signs of irritability, changes in eating and sleeping patterns and keeping up with grades.

3. Make sure their lives are balanced with free time and things they enjoy.

Have conversations with your kids often to address the issues and find out if everything is still fun and working for them. If something just is not cutting it don't hesitate to knock it off the schedule. That can be a struggle at times for parents who want kids to learn they need to finish what they start.