Tim Holland Admits Discrepancies

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Tim Holland testified Thursday that he never saw his wife hit their seven-year-old adopted son in the head with a hammer, despite telling that to detectives in January.

Under questioning from a defense attorney for Lisa Holland, who is charged with killing the boy, Tim acknowledged numerous discrepancies between his previous statements and what he told the jury in his much-anticipated testimony Wednesday.

He now says Lisa told him she hit Ricky with a hammer, but he never actually saw her do it.

Tim Holland, 37, has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. He agreed to testify against Lisa, 33, in exchange for prosecutors dropping first-degree murder charges against him.

Ricky vanished from his home July 1, 2005. His adoptive parents said he had run away, sparking a nine-day search by 1,700 volunteers and hundreds of law enforcement officers.

But Tim Holland in January led authorities to Ricky's body in a marshy Ingham County game area. He says Lisa Holland killed the boy and he disposed of the body.

The defense on Thursday played a radio interview in which Tim Holland asked listeners to look for Ricky after his disappearance, even though he knew the boy was dead.

The trial began about a month ago. It will continue Tuesday with the defense finishing its cross-examination of Tim Holland, and then the prosecution doing a redirect examination.