Tim Holland Testifies

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Tim Holland takes the stand during his wife Lisa's murder trial. She's accused of abusing and murdering their adopted son Ricky. Tim pleaded guilty to second degree murder more than one month ago.

Like he did when he pleaded guilty, Tim described a house of horrors. He says Lisa was behind every bit of abuse Ricky suffered. Tim said she tied him up in the basement, taped him to the refrigerator one time and he witnessed her hitting him with a decorative wooden spoon too.

"Lisa had an immense hatred for Ricky, she didn't like anything about him," said Tim.

Tim says Lisa killed Ricky July 1, 2005. At Lisa's request, he went to a nearby gas station to get her a treat. He returned before 10 p.m. and his wife was agitated. He noticed Ricky's bedroom light was on and when he went to check on him, the little boy was dead in his bed. Tim says he was in the fetal position with his hands clenched near his head.

Lisa was screaming, "I didn't mean to do it," Tim said. She also wanted him to get the body out of the house. Tim wrapped Ricky's body in a fitted bed sheet, put it in a white plastic kitchen garbage bag, and then into a black outdoor garbage bag. With the body in the bed of his truck, he drove to Dansville and dumped the body off of Williamston Road.

Tim says around Christmas time last year Lisa admitted to hitting Ricky on the head with a small tack hammer. Tim will return to the stand Thursday morning.