Mudslinging Hitting Voters

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In response to the second debate, both the Democrats and Republicans went on attack.

The Democrats displayed imported Amway Tissue Paper, saying candidate Dick DeVos lied when he said his company didn't import from China.

The Republicans gave a 120 page report on abuses in Wayne County's Juvenile Detention Facility that they say happened while Governor Granholm worked as a lawyer for Wayne County.

Both parties then blamed the other for the mudslinging.

"They're the ones with the cheap shots, and coming up with baseless claims," said Michigan Republican Party Chair Saul Anuzis of the Democratic Party.

"Unfortunately the Devos Campaign continues to lie, forcing us to be a truth squad," said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer.

Meanwhile voters say they're fed up with negative attacks. The polls confirm it, showing mudslinging may be backfiring for both candidates.

A recent EPIC-MRA poll finds the number of undecided voters is increasing as both candidates lose support.

EPIC-MRA analyst Ed Sarpolus says this could mean a future increase in the number of voters. He's downgrading his voter turnout estimate from about 3.9 million voters, to 3.3 million.

Now dedicated voters are hoping candidates will focus on the issues, rather than on mudslinging. They have one more chance. The third and final debate is next Monday.