No Giant Jersey, Yet

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The 26-foot Spirit of Detroit statue outside city hall won't wear a Detroit Tigers jersey unless the team makes it to the World Series, officials say.

The statue has worn Detroit Pistons and Red Wings jerseys when the basketball and hockey teams have made it to the playoffs, but Tigers and local government officials say they aren't rushing to do the same for the baseball team.

The Tigers won Game 1 of the best-of-7 American League Championship Series on Tuesday night, beating the Oakland Athletics 5-1.

"Maybe it's like changing your socks. You don't do anything different until you win," Gregg McDuffee, general manager of the Detroit-Wayne County Joint Building Authority, told The Detroit News. The authority oversees the statue outside the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center.

During the 2005 playoffs, the Pistons and Red Wings lost after their jerseys were put on the statue.

"I'm not doing that again," McDuffee said.

"When we win the American League championship, we'll be ready with our jersey," said Tigers marketing director Ellen Hill Zeringue. "This is new for us. When we get farther along, we'll talk to the powers that be and figure it out."