Genesee Barricades Coming Down

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They've been living with and fighting drug trafficking in Lansing's Genesee Neighborhood for more than fifteen years, and for nearly 90 days neighbors in the community have been living with and fighting barriers blocking traffic from entering the neighborhood.

While some neighbors say the barriers have done nothing to stop crime, Lansing's Lt. Larry Klaus says the community is making tremendous progress. He says the Genesee Neighborhood has completely changed from the drug-filled neighborhood he patrolled a decade ago. Klaus says the barricades are helping the situation by decreasing the number of people who enter the area in search of drugs.

Lansing police usually keep crime records, but they say they haven't yet analyzed the statistics for the Genesee Neighborhood since the barricades went up, but some neighbors say they've definitely noticed a quieter neighborhood with less traffic.

The barricades will be gone on Sept. 2. Police will assess the crime statistics and determine whether the barricades are necessary in that area on a long-term basis. In the meantime, police and the neighborhood residents say they'll continue keeping an eye on crime, doing whatever they can to keep improving the neighborhood.